Thursday, 16 April 2015

Featured in Cycling Active Magazine - May Issue.

Cycling Active is one of a plethora of excellent UK magazines dedicated to cycling, perhaps aimed more at those who are new to the two-wheeled world and wanting to take their interest further.

An article of mine features in the latest May issue of the magazine in which I tell of my own journey back into the saddle, complete with a cartoon version of me that actually bears a resemblance...

With the words, “You’re in for a rough couple of weeks!” I was ushered out of the Doctor’s surgery through the back door, taking my newly acquired chicken pox—a gift from my daughter—with me.

Summer had arrived and I was to be stuck inside, hiding my blisters from the neighbours. What to do for the next week or so?

Idly flicking through the channels on TV, my finger paused as I spied the glorious overhead view of rolling fields. A fast-moving torrent of brightly coloured fabrics poured down a country lane, determinedly chasing a breakaway droplet. The Tour de France was in full flow. I was hooked.

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