Thursday, 13 August 2015

Tipping My Hat to Cycling Bib Shorts

"Chapeau! is a brand conceived and developed by cyclists who yearned for great quality products that came complete with a touch of class."

I recently wrote an article for the brand which they have used to promote their range of bibshorts.

For every stick-thin, head-down, shaven legged racer speeding across the tarmac there is a sandal-wearing, bearded randonneur. For every cafe-run pootler, there is a mountain biker heading for the trails.
Contrary to Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote, all men are not created equal. Young or old, male or female, we are as individual as our fingerprints.
However, each person reading this does have one thing in common: our love of life on two-wheels.
Bearing in mind both these facts, the full range of Chapeau shorts have been created to celebrate our differences in both gender and riding styles.

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