Friday, 8 April 2016

An Ode to Old Photos

Johanna and Anya were rummaging around through a box of old photographs tonight when they came across a piece of family history - which was the cause of much merriment. It was a flier created for the short-lived death metal band in which I "played" bass guitar in the late 1980s.
Monolith was a glorious mess. We had one song, Evil Death — a doom-laden slow burner in which improvised and unintelligible lyrics were gargled over a looping three-note riff.
The four members balanced the scales quite perfectly. The brothers Glynn — Duncan and Martin — provided the musical talent which our song hid quite well. Brain-on-a-stick Mark Wallwork and I could offer little more than great enthusiasm.
The moment that Anya entered the room brandishing a faded piece of A4 paper and exclaiming, between tears of laughter, “look what we found!”, I knew what it was.
27 years disappeared instantly as I stared at the photo, with its collage of newspaper headlines and black and white images.
I remembered them all...