Recent years have seen a large rise in middle-aged cyclists (MAMILs) clogging up the roads.

Perhaps against my better judgement, I have also now found myself entranced by the sport and have finally taken it up after years of watching the grand tours on television.

I have also written on the topics of the legacy of the Giro d'Italia "Big Start" in Ireland, blog posts on my own cycling "exploits" and featured in May 2015's Cycling Active magazine.

In July 2015, I began writing for the Chapeau! cycling clothing marque from Velobrands.


Regular blog posts for legal firm on cycling issues:

The legacy of the Giro d'Italia's visit to Ireland.

Sweet and Sour: Cycling etiquette:

How I fared on England's longest hill:

Chapeau! Bib Shorts:

Bike Citizens:

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