Despite fears that the internet would kill off the world of magazines, there is still a healthy number of printed publications to be found in any good newsagents. 

One noticeable change is that many magazines have re-branded or "upped their game" design-wise. Content must be right, of course, but many magazines treat design just as importantly. Beautifully presented magazines with gorgeous illustrations, colours and photography to complement the words are a sight to behold. 

This could, of course, reflect that the rise of crystal-clear touchscreen devices means that any digital reproductions must be rendered appropriately. Either way, it is a boon for all readers, content providers and editors!

Print publications that I have featured in:

Cycling Active Magazine, May 2015 Issue.

The Football Pink.

I have had work featured in a number of issues of The Football Pink magazine. For further information, see: 

Late Tackle magazine.

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